Ronacrete Ltd – Harlow, Essex

Ronacrete Ltd is a company based in Harlow, Essex, that manufactures a comprehensive range of resin-bounded surfaces. They had been running an old Hydrovane rotary vane compressor for the past 15 years.

Ronacrete, Harlow manufacture and design specialist building materials.

Our engineer paid a service visit to Ronacrete as part of routine maintenance to make sure everything was working as it should. However, he noticed a server oil leak from the unit, and after close inspection deemed the compressor to be uneconomical for repair.

We embarked upon a full site survey, and produced a recommendations report for Ronacrete. Based on our engineer’s findings, it was clearly high time to install a new, efficient compressor and distribution pipework system. With the old compressor clearly on the verge of breakdown, this would be the best, safest, most cost-effective way to ensure no lost production time for Ronacrete.

We chatted this over with Ronacrete, and they gave us the go-ahead to install a new compressor and pipework. 

Mattei Rotary Vane Compressor was the ideal machine for the needs of Ronacrete

Our engineers installed a new Mattei rotary vane compressed air station. This consisted of a refrigerated dryer mounted on an air receiver – this is a space-saving way of incorporating all the individual pieces of equipment to provide a small-footprint system. 

As well as this, we upgraded all of the compressed air distribution pipework to an Airnet aluminium pipework system. This meant we were providing the customer with a total compressed air solution that they could rely on, and we were able to install it without a second of downtime for Ronacrete.

Ronacrete were now good to go with a new, efficient compressed air system, taking up less space and providing them with cost savings on energy. With a two-year manufacturers’ warranty, the customer was covered for any breakdown, and we also devised a bespoke maintenance agreement package to ensure that everything stayed in good working order.