Aerospace Inspection Training – Takeley, Essex

Aerospace Inspection Training Ltd is a leading training company for the aerospace industry, based in Takeley, Essex. They got in touch with us as their testing lab needed a new compressed air system – however, there was a catch. Due to the nature of AET’s work and the sensitive instruments they use, the compressed air in their lab needed to be oil- and water-free, and of the absolute highest quality. Nothing but the best would do.

Aerospace Inspection Training – Takeley, Essex

We headed over to AET to carry out a site survey to get a better idea of their requirements. We determined that the best compressor for their needs would be an oil-free Bambi VT400 compressor – this provides the kind of dry, high-quality compressed air that was critical in this case. 

A brand new Bambi VT400 which we installed for the client

We installed the Bambi VT400 compressor, and a new compressed air distribution pipework system using Airnet pipework and fittings. The system also ended in a filter regulator with PCL safety couplings – this allowed the compressor to be quickly connected to its applications, providing flexibility and versatility to the system.

Regulator filter which is fed from the new Bambi VT400 compressor

Thanks to our expert engineers, the pipework insulation was completed in less than a day, and the new system was up and running within two hours.

The end result was an efficient, oil-free system for AET, working exactly as they specified to deliver dry, clean compressed air when they needed it. We devised a bespoke maintenance plan with the team at AET, allowing us to continually make sure their equipment was working properly, and the plant was covered by a two-year manufacturers, parts and labour warranty, giving the customer peace of mind.