Air Compressor Installation – Cellpak LTD Harlow, Essex

Cellpak Solutions Ltd is a creative provider of end-to-end packaging and fulfilment solutions. They are specifically tailored to technology products sourced from the UK. They are based in Harlow, Essex, and like many industrial businesses, they needed compressed air and air tools.

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Specifically, their compressed air needs were a new air compressor system for their new production and cutting machines. They needed air tools for cutting, molding or folding both cardboard and plastic materials.

What Air Compressor is right for you?

It’s really important to all of us at Air Compressor Engineering that we find the right solution for our customers. Having the right air compressor is vital for efficiency and to be cost-effective. We spoke to our customer about the compressed air machines they have used before and worked out what would be best to suit their needs.

Each customer has different air tools and compressed air requirements which they need the right air compressor system to run efficiently.

After asking the customer, we decided to speak with the manufacturer of the production cutting machines. They confirmed the questions about air pressure and we were able to find them the perfect air compressor.

We decided the best solution for their requirements would be a Hertz Compressor or Hertz Kompressoren as they often known.

We supply and install complete pipework systems

Most people know us for air compressor servicing but we also supply air compressors, refrigerant dryers, air receivers, in line compressed air filters and pneumatic air tools in the UK and we do full air compressor installations too.

Air Compressor Engineering Ltd supplied and installed a new Hertz Kompressoren HGS 7F compressor.

Hertz Kompressoren HGS 7F air compressor installation in Harlow, Essex

Power delivery is an impressive 1.15m3/min @ 7.5 bar from a 7.5 KW motor.

The  Hertz Kompressoren model HGS 7F was mounted on a 270Ltr receiver which has an intelligent stop/start control system. Thanks to it’s integral refrigerated dryer and filters, it delivers clean and dry compressed air.

Air Compressor Warranty

One of the reasons we recommend Hertz so much is they have great reliability and come with a 7-year warranty. Of course, you will still benefit from regular maintenance and air compressor servicing but it’s good to know you have reassurance from the manufacturer.

Our customer remarked

“it really is a no-brainer to install a high spec compressor at such an affordable price”

Alongside the air compressor installation, we fitted 170 meters of Sicoair modular aluminium pipework and a compressed air condensate management system too collect compressor condensate from the dryer air receiver and filters all rounded off with PCL safety couplings to ensure the highest level of safety and compressed air management.